Invest in Mauritius

Mauritius is a thriving strategic financial and business hub, underpinned by political stability, a transparent regulatory system and sound governance frameworks. The country is today acclaimed as a leading investment destination.

Key Figures

Population of Mauritius (2018) -
1. 268 million
1980 – 2018
No Recession
International Finance Centre
Gateway between Asia & Africa
Tourism Income (2018) MUR 61.6 billion
CPI throughout 2017 4.2%

International benchmarks

Mauritius is ranked 1st in Africa by:

  • World Bank Doing Business 2018
  • Global Competitiveness Index 2017–2018
  • Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2017
  • 2018 Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation)
  • Economic Freedom of the World 2017 (Fraser Institute)
  • Democracy Index 2017 (The Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • Forbes Survey of Best Countries for Business 2017

General incentives

The government offers numerous incentives to investors, namely:

  • Seamless and transparent process for the issuance of permits and authorisations
  • No duties or VAT on goods and equipment imported into freeport zones
  • No custom duties on imports of raw materials/goods
  • 3% corporate tax for freeport operators, but 15% for freeport developers
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • No foreign exchange control
  • Reduced port handling charges
  • Freeport operator has the possibility to sell goods on the local market
  • Access to offshore banking facilities
  • Integrated facilities
  • No minimum capital for investment
  • Protection of buyers and security of assets
  • Incorporation of a company within 1 working day
  • Relaxed visa requirement
  • 47 agreements (20 with African countries) pertaining to double taxation avoidance (DTAAs)
  • 44 agreements (23 with African countries) relating to the promotion and protection of investment (IPPAs)
  • 40 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), 30 MoUs with Africa
  • Access to preferential market conventions

Smart City Scheme

Mon Trésor is an intelligently designed coastal town falling under the Smart City Scheme. This scheme is an ambitious economic development programme developed by the government to consolidate Mauritius positioning as an innovative and sustainable economy. The focus is on the development of integrated cities comprising both residential and full-fledged business hubs with ideal conditions for living, working and spurring investment within a sustainable eco-system.

Generally Applicable Rate Smart City Scheme Incentives
Income Tax 15%
  • Tax holiday for the first eight years of operation - starting from the date of issuance of the Smart City Scheme (SCS) Certificate.
Land Transfer Tax 5%
  • Foreign companies can acquire land under the Smart City Scheme to develop projects and their key components.
  • No land transfer tax provided that the value of the immovable property transferred is equivalent to that of shares held by the transferor.
Land Conversion Tax Euro 40,000/ha
  • Tax payable only for land area earmarked for residential development.
Registration Duty 5%
  • No registration duty provided that the value of the immovable property transferred is equivalent to that of shares held by the transferor.
  • Mauritian citizens acquiring real estate for the first time and buyers under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme acquiring a residential unit are exempted from registration duty.
Morcellement (Land Subdivision) Tax Euro 2,500/ha
  • No Morcellement (Land Subdivision) Tax.
Customs Duty Maximum 30%
  • No customs duty on import or purchase of any taxable goods, other than material to be used in infrastructure work and construction of building.
Value Added Tax (VAT) 15%
  • Full recovery of VAT in terms of capital goods (building structure), plant, machinery and equipment.
Accelerated annual allowance
  • Accelerated annual allowance granted at a rate of 50% of the costs in respect of capital expenditure incurred by any company operating within the Smart City Scheme on energy-efficient equipment and green technology.
Residency Permit
  • Any person and any entity, including foreign companies and trusts, can acquire residential units in a Smart City.
  • Any non-citizen acquiring a residential unit above USD 500,000 under the scheme is eligible to a residence permit for himself and his family.
  • No restriction on rental or resale of residential units. Possibility for a retired person to acquire life rights under Smart City Scheme.
Mauritian Citizenship
  • A non-citizen having held a residence permit for a minimum period of 2 years and having made an investment over USD 5 million in Mauritius may apply for Mauritian citizenship.

Preferential market access

Mauritius is a member of a several trade blocks that offer preferential market access, including duty-free and tariff-free access to a selection of products that meet the minimum criteria under each trade convention. Some of the conventions include the following:

  • AGOA
  • European Economic Partnership Agreement
  • SADC
  • Turkey Free Trade Agreement FTA
  • Pakistan FTA